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Regain Traction with a Non-Slip Wood Floor Coating

Slippery hardwood floors pose a serious safety hazard, turning a simple stroll across the room into a precarious balancing act. If you find yourself frequently slip-sliding on your wood floors, it’s time to invest in a non-slip coating solution from the experts at Lifetime Hardwood Floors.

What Causes Slippery Wood Floors?
While clean, dry hardwood isn’t inherently slick, certain conditions can make floors dangerously slippery:

  • Moisture from spills, wet feet, or pet paws in high-traffic areas like kitchens and entryways
  • Wearing socks, which reduces traction
  • Using the wrong floor cleaners that leave behind a slick residue

Stopgap Solutions Have Limitations
Diligent cleaning, placing rugs in high-moisture zones, and runners on stairs can help, but these temporary fixes have drawbacks. The wrong cleaning products may dull finishes, while improper rug pads can stick to and damage floors.

The Lasting Non-Slip Floor Solution
For reliable traction that endures, a non-slip recoating using Bona Traffic Anti-Slip provides the perfect long-term answer. This innovative coating:

  • Achieves a slip resistance rating of 10 to meet ADA accessibility standards
  • Resists scuffs and won’t yellow over time
  • Maintains excellent durability for years before requiring renewal

For enhanced longevity in high-wear areas, we can fortify the coating with aluminum oxide – the same ultra-hard additive used in factory pre-finishes.

Don’t Risk Dangerous Slips and Falls
Whether you have aging family members, rambunctious kids prone to “floor sliding,” or a business with heavy foot traffic, failing to address slippery floors endangers both safety and liability. An anti-slip recoating offers enduring traction and priceless peace of mind.

Get a Grip on Safety with Lifetime Hardwood Floors
With autumn’s rain and winter’s snow quickly approaching, now is the ideal time to fortify your floors against slick conditions. Contact the experts at Lifetime Hardwood Floors today for a free quote on our proven anti-slip recoating services.

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