For Commercial Wood Flooring, A UV Re-Coat Saves Time and Money

Commercial hardwood floors

Commercial wood flooring

Commercial wood flooring sees a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis. The average business needs to have their wood floors completely refinished every one to five years, depending on the amount of traffic they get. With a regular simple re-coat, though, you can put off that big refinishing job indefinitely.

Re-coating the hardwood floors in your business restores their shine and protects them with a new topcoat—the sacrificial topcoat, which wears down and gets scratched with use so that your wood floors don’t.

Lifetime Hardwood Floors is proud to offer UV-cured re-coating for those who want to get back to business as quickly as possible.

Gym Floor Re-Coating

A re-coat is the least expensive way to restore shine to your gym wood floor and protect it against wear and tear. Regular gym floor re-coating will extend its life and increase the amount of time that passes before you need a complete gym floor restoration, which involves sanding the floor down to the bare wood and refinishing it with several layers of coating.

commercial wood flooring — gym

Gym floor re-coating is recommended every six months to a year, depending on the level of use. Re-coating a gym floor is less invasive and less expensive than refinishing it.

Why choose a UV-cured re-coat for your gym floor?

UV-cured coatings cure—harden— instantly when they’re exposed to UV light. They’re extremely low in VOCs, which means your basketball players or yogis won’t be exposed to harmful off-gassing, which occurs for around seven days with standard, air-cured coatings.

Commercial Wood Flooring Re-Coat for Restaurants

Commercial wood flooring gets a lot of abuse, especially in restaurants, where chairs are sliding in and out and tables are being dragged out of the way for cleaning. Even if your restaurant has engineered hardwood floors, they can see some wear and tear after a relatively short amount of time. Worn commercial wood floors can give the impression that they’re dirty, even if they’re squeaky clean. Regularly re-coating your dining room floors protects them, makes them easier to keep clean, and makes them look fabulous again.

commercial wood flooring — restaurant

Depending on the amount of traffic your floor sees, you may need a re-coat every six months to a year.

Why choose a UV-cured re-coat for your restaurant?

Restaurants can’t typically afford three days of down-time, but with a standard, air-cured coating, that’s how long you’ll need to wait before putting tables and chairs back on the floor. After that, the floor won’t be fully cured for another four days, which means it’s still susceptible to damage from heavy traffic and scraping chairs.

Since UV-cured coatings fully cure instantly when they’re hit with UV light, there’s zero down time involved in a commercial UV re-coat. And since VOC levels are so low (50 grams per liter for UV coatings compared with 275 g/l for air-cured coatings), your clientele won’t smell a thing.

Another benefit of UV curing for restaurants in particular is that if just one area of the floor wears down faster than the rest (such as where the chairs move in and out), we can come back in and re-coat just those spots. With standard air-cured coatings, you have abrade and re-coat the entire floor.

Re-Coat for Retail Wood Floors

Your retail shop’s charm probably has a lot to do with the wood floors, which give it a warm, welcome vibe. But keeping those floors looking good can be challenging over time. As the topcoat on the floor gets worn down by foot traffic, the floors lose their sheen and start looking worse for the wear.

commercial wood flooring—retail

Without regular re-coating, you’ll need to have those commercial wood floors refinished in a couple of years, which means moving everything out of the shop and having them completely sanded down, sealed, and fully coated. Not only is refinishing expensive, but it also involves considerable down-time.

Why choose a UV re-coat for your shop?

An instant-cure UV re-coat means that as soon as we leave your shop, you can put your displays back on the floor and welcome customers back in. With air-cured coatings, you need to wait three days. A UV-cured commercial re-coat involves very low VOC levels, so your customers won’t be affected by off-gassing, which can occur until the standard coating fully cures in seven days.

Aluminum Oxide Additive Increases Protection for Commercial Wood Flooring

Lifetime Hardwood Floors has 30 years’ experience in commercial wood flooring. One thing that sets us apart from other wood floor contractors is our high level of expertise and our willingness throughout the years to push envelopes and develop processes that improve our customers’ experience and the life span of their commercial wood floors. One thing we can do that others don’t is add aluminum oxide to our UV floor coatings. Aluminum oxide coatings are used on engineered wood flooring, applied at the factory before the flooring is installed. These coatings are extremely durable and last longer than polyurethane coatings applied on-site.

Adding aluminum oxide to our UV-cured coating increases the VOC levels somewhat, but it also increases the coating’s strength by about 40 percent, protecting better against heavy wear and extending the time between re-coats.

For Hospitals, Clinics, and Schools: Radcoat RX Reduces Microbial Activity

Keeping your business as germ-free as possible is important, especially in medical settings and schools. Radcoat RX is a UV-cured coating from ProCoat, the guys who developed UV floor curing. Tested against the global standard JIS Z2801, Radcoat RX was found to inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms on the floor.

Standard Commercial Wood Flooring Re-Coat vs. UV Re-Coat: What to Expect

Lifetime Hardwood Floors is currently the only hardwood flooring company in the Omaha area with the equipment and expertise for UV re-coating. We’ll come in as soon as you close, and when you reopen the next morning, your floors will be good as new, and you won’t smell a thing. You can get right back to business like nothing even happened.

Whether your floors are natural hardwood, engineered, or vinyl planks, regular re-coating will protect them against wear and damage and keep them looking their best day in and day out.

If the wood floors in your business are in need of a facelift, contact Lifetime Hardwood Floors today for a quote.

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