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For Commercial Wood Flooring, A UV Re-Coat Saves Time and Money

Commercial wood flooring endures heavy daily wear and tear. While businesses typically need a complete refinishing every 1-5 years depending on traffic, a simple re-coat can extend that timeline indefinitely.

Re-coating hardwood floors restores shine and protects them with a new topcoat – the sacrificial layer that wears down instead of the wood. Lifetime Hardwood Floors proudly offers UV-cured re-coating for a quick return to business.

Gym Floor Re-Coating
A re-coat is the most cost-effective way to revive a dull gym wood floor and shield it against further abuse. Regular re-coating every 6 months to a year, based on usage levels, prolongs the time before a full sanding and refinishing is required.

Why UV for Gyms?
UV-cured coatings instantly harden when exposed to UV light and are extremely low in VOCs. This means no harmful off-gassing around athletes after application like with standard air-cured coatings.

Restaurant Re-Coating
Even engineered hardwood floors in restaurants can quickly deteriorate from constant chair sliding and table moving. Worn floors look unsanitary despite cleaning. Re-coating every 6-12 months, depending on traffic, protects floors while restoring their fresh appearance.

Why UV for Restaurants?
With zero dry time after UV curing, tables and chairs can immediately return to the floor – crucial for businesses that can’t afford downtime. Low VOCs also prevent odors affecting diners. UV re-coats can target high-wear areas only when needed.

Retail Floor Re-Coating
The warm ambiance of wood floors is prominent in retail stores, but foot traffic steadily degrades their topcoat and shine. Eventually, a full sanding and refinishing is required unless re-coating maintains the floors.

Why UV for Retail?
Instant-curing UV re-coats allow displays to return to the floor immediately after application, with no emissions affecting customers. This avoids the 3-day wait for air-cured coatings to dry.

Aluminum Oxide for Added Protection
For increased floor durability, Lifetime Hardwood Floors can add aluminum oxide to UV coatings – the same ultra-hard additive used for factory wood floor finishes. This boosts coating strength by 40% against heavy wear between re-coats.

Antimicrobial Radcoat RX
The UV-cured Radcoat RX inhibits harmful microbe growth on floors – vital for medical facilities and schools prioritizing cleanliness.

The UV Re-Coat Process
As the only Omaha company offering UV re-coating, Lifetime Hardwood Floors applies the treatment after-hours so floors are ready the next morning – with zero odor. This quick, unobtrusive process works for hardwood, engineered wood, and vinyl plank floors.

Regular re-coating protects your commercial wood flooring investment while maintaining its stunning appearance daily. Contact Lifetime Hardwood Floors today for a free quote.

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