UV Floor Coatings Offer Better Indoor Air Quality

UV curing hardwood flooring
UV curing hardwood flooring
Our UV light machine cures UV floor coatings instantly, including ProCoat RX, a UV coating that’s antimicrobial according to JIS Z2801 protocol.

We’re living through strange times, and now, more than ever, it’s important to maintain good air quality in your home. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the air in the typical home is five times dirtier than the outside air. That’s because contaminants get trapped inside your home, from the chemicals you clean with to the pesticides and bacteria that come in on your shoes. Especially in homes with children, the elderly, or the immunocompromised, keeping your indoor air as clean as possible helps keep everyone healthy, and it helps to reduce allergies and prevent asthma attacks.

So, how do you go about sprucing up your hardwood or vinyl floors without compromising your indoor air quality and your health? Well, just as you choose low-VOC paint for your walls, it’s important to opt for low-VOC products when you’re having your floors recoated. UV-cured floor coatings check off several important boxes when it comes to your recoat options.

UV Floor Coatings vs. Old-School Polyurethane

There’s no earthly reason to choose an oil-based polyurethane finish for a recoat job, period. Not only does an oil-based finish need 10 hours to dry between coats, but it also stinks to high heck and off-gases toxic VOCs into your home’s air for weeks after application, to the tune of an astonishing 500 grams of VOCs per liter. If your hardwood flooring company recommends a polyurethane recoat, you should turn and run in the other direction, and find a contractor who lives in the 21st century.

Until about 10 years ago, UV-curing wasn’t even an option for hardwood floor coatings, even though the technology was widely used in dentistry, automotive painting, and other industries. Back then, your best choice for coating a hardwood floor was a standard two-part, water-based finish, which, at 275 grams per liter of VOCs, is far better for your health. Water-based coatings are still widely used today. When you don’t choose a UV-cured recoat, we use a two-part, water-based coating that’s GreenGuard-certified for low VOC emissions.

But why even opt for a water-based finish when you can get a UV-cured floor coating? UV coatings contain zero solvents. They give off no chemical odors. And they contain just 30 to 50 grams per liter of VOCs. Lifetime Hardwood Floors is proud to use ProCoat UV products, which are made right here in the USA and provide unmatched protection for your vinyl or hardwood floors. ProCoat invented the technology behind UV-cured floor coatings, and their products are the pinnacle of environmentally responsible and health-conscious finishes.

A UV-cured hardwood floor recoat has a lot of benefits for your health and your home. Here are a few of them:

Some UV-cured finishes are antimicrobial.

ProCoat Radcoat Rx is one of our favorite products. It’s the first of its kind, and it’s made in small batches by ProCoat using zinc-based antimicrobial technology. Not only is RadCoat Rx the most durable UV-cured finish on the market, but it also inhibits the growth of bacteria on the floor for the life of the coating—about ten years. ProCoat’s hospital-grade RadCoat Rx is the only antimicrobial floor coating that has been tested with the global credited standard method of testing, JIS Z2801. You’ll still need to clean your hardwood floors, of course—and it’s always best to remove your shoes at the door—but your floors will stay cleaner longer. And you’ll feel a lot better about the five-second rule.

UV-cured floor coatings cure instantly.

A considerable amount of damage can be done to a hardwood floor while you’re waiting the typical seven days for a water-based coat to fully cure. Until it’s completely hardened, a curing floor is extra susceptible to scratches from pet claws, sliding furniture, shoes, and rugs. By contrast, a UV coating cures fully the instant the UV light makes contact. As soon as we pack up our equipment and leave, you can put down your rugs, bring in the furniture, and even walk on your floor in heels.

UV floor finishes are ultra-durable.

ProCoat’s UV coatings cure in the blink of an eye. Just like that, your hardwood floor has maximum durability. In fact, UV-cured floors enjoy three times the durability of a water-based, air-cured coating. That means you can go longer between recoats, and your floor will ultimately last longer.

UV finishes are crystal clear.

Oil-based polyurethane finishes are almost guaranteed to yellow over time. UV rays from the sun speed up this yellowing and can even make your floors appear orangish. Water-based coatings yellow far less, although if your contractor uses a cheap waterborne finish, it will yellow faster than a high quality coating. But UV-cured finishes simply don’t yellow over time (although in some cases, the wood might) and this means you’ll be less likely to need to have your floor sanded and refinished down the road.

Ready for a Recoat?

If your hardwood floors are looking worse for the wear, a recoat can restore sheen and shine. A UV-cured finish for your hardwood or vinyl floor means that you can move back into your rooms within hours. When you choose Lifetime Hardwood Floors for a recoat, you’re choosing the best products, the latest technologies, and the highest level of expertise in the Omaha area. Locally owned and operated, Lifetime Hardwood Floors always has your best interest—and the best interest of your floors—at heart.

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