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For Commercial Wood Flooring, A UV Re-Coat Saves Time and Money

Commercial hardwood floors

Commercial wood flooring sees a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis. The average business needs to have their wood floors completely refinished every one to five years, depending on the amount of traffic they get. With a regular simple re-coat, though, you can put off that big refinishing job indefinitely. Re-coating the […]

How Proper Hardwood Floor Maintenance Saves You Thousands

Hardwood floor maintenance keeps your floors looking their best

Today, we’re talking about proper hardwood floor maintenance. Things that are meant to last more than a few years need to be taken care of, or there’s a price to pay. Your teeth, for example: Skip the floss and bi-annual cleanings, and you’re going to end up needing a root canal down the line. Neglect […]