LVT Flooring: A Healthy Choice for Healthcare

Stethoscope on LVT floor

When you think about the safety and cleanliness of a hospital, assisted living, or other healthcare facility, what’s the first thing you think about? Is it accessibility? Cleanliness? The smell? 

You probably didn’t think about the flooring, but you should. Some flooring is just not suitable for healthcare facilities. Flooring that is slick or uneven can cause falls. Hard to clean flooring can harbor bacteria and mold, and some flooring is not very forgiving to healthcare workers on their feet all day. 

LVT flooring is one of the fastest-growing commercial flooring products, and it’s especially suitable to healthcare facilities and other organizations that value safety, cleanliness, and comfort.

Which flooring is best for healthcare facilities?

The type of flooring a healthcare facility uses needs to meet infection control and safety standards. The best flooring for hospitals and other healthcare facilities should also:

Reduce noise

Like any multi-person dwelling, the floor of an assisted living facility or hospital should reduce both the …sound and the …sound from room to room and floor to floor. Although an acoustical underlayment can be installed between hardwood and other floorings, many commercial LVT flooring options have an acoustic underlay built into the flooring.

Prevent injury

Many residents of assisted living facilities and hospitals have a high risk for falls. Flooring that can help minimize the likelihood of a fall is essential for patient safety. Commercial luxury vinyl tile has a slip-resistant coating that helps prevent slips and falls. LVT flooring is also made up of many layers, and the extra thickness reduces the risk of serious injuries from falls for patients and residents. 

Dirty floors exit sign

Stay clean

Nobody wants to see dirty, dingy floors in a healthcare setting. If you went to a doctor’s office that had stains on the floor, you might consider switching doctors! Luckily, many commercial LVT flooring options are waterproof, and all luxury vinyl tile is resistant to stains and scuff. Plus, it won’t chip or crack like tile, and it won’t scratch easily like hardwood. 


Control infection

In addition to being moisture-resistant, commercial luxury vinyl tile has antimicrobial properties. You won’t have to worry about LVT harboring germs, mold, and other nasties – they’re unable to grow or multiply on the surface.

Why should healthcare facilities use LVT flooring?

In addition to meeting the rigorous standards of healthcare facilities, luxury vinyl tile has additional installation and cost benefits. But that’s not all! 

sterile room

The sterile, institutional look of nursing homes and hospitals is no longer the norm. In recent years, the focus of long-term care facilities, healthcare facilities, and hospitals has shifted to a more human-centric way of thinking. These facilities want to create a warm and inviting environment for optimal healing and wellbeing. Natural wood, stone, and ceramic tile have the right aesthetic, but they aren’t as resilient, ergonomic, or easy to clean as commercial luxury vinyl tile.

Ease of replacement

Commercial LVT is extremely durable – but it’s not indestructible. If a section gets worn out or damaged, it’s easy to remove the affected section and replace it. Lower costs and essentially no facility downtime makes everyone happy.

Design flexibility

Long-term and assisted care facilities want to make their residents’ rooms as home-like as possible. But carpet (especially commercial carpeting) is drab, dirties easily, is hard to clean, and can be a tripping hazard. Commercial LVT flooring mimics many natural materials – stone, hardwood, tweed, and ceramic tile to name a few – with more durability and a lower cost.


Healthcare professionals spend most of their workdays – and nights! – on their feet. Healthcare facilities should take into account their employees’ comfort and choose a flooring that reduces stress on the body and promotes all-day comfort. Luxury vinyl tile’s multiple layers make it more comfortable to walk on than stone, hardwood, or tile.


Luxury vinyl tile meets LEED and WELL certification standards for sustainability. LEED for healthcare rates flooring systems on evidence-based design standards and indoor air quality. LVT is manufactured without phthalate plasticizers, which are terrible for humans and the environment. Since luxury vinyl tile resists scratches and is easy to clean, the need for waxing, buffing, and chemical cleaning is greatly reduced.


When it comes to durability, LVT flooring is hard to beat. LVT is made to withstand rolling loads (think wheelchairs and gurneys) and heavy foot traffic all day and night.

hospital bed LVT

Best of all–we recoat LVT flooring with instant curing

Lifetime Hardwood Floors is the first flooring company in the Omaha area to offer UV-cured coatings. We can recoat all luxury vinyl flooring with a medical-grade anti-slip UV finish.  UV curing is ideal for medical facilities because it is an odorless, low-VOC floor coating that cures instantly. Contact us and we will work our magic with our state-of-the-art UV machine with little to no downtime for your facility.

LVT flooring is the most durable, sanitary, and economical choice for healthcare settings. Lifetime Hardwood Floors uses only the highest-quality LVT flooring materials, and our detail-driven, best-practices installation process guarantees a smooth, attractive floor that’s warm, inviting, easy to clean, and far more economical than other flooring types. 

Contact Lifetime Hardwood Floors today for a free estimate, and let us transform your facility with a beautiful new–or UV-recoated–LVT floor.


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